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Sports and contact lenses: find your competitive edge with Contactlenses.co.uk

Sports and contact lenses - keep your eye on the ball!

For anyone with an active lifestyle, vision problems like myopia, presbyopia and astigmatism can cause significant difficulties. Not only do these conditions mean you have difficulty seeing clearly, but wearing spectacles to correct your vision can be even more troublesome.

That's why contact lenses are a wonderful solution for those who participate in sports, as they provide an easy, safe and reliable way to enhance your vision.

Why sports and contact lenses go well together

Whether you're a professional athlete, or simply enjoy kicking a football around in the park, perfect vision is essential if you want to perform well in sports. Contacts can be the ideal vision correction option. When compared to eye glasses, contacts are a much safer option for sports. They are much less likely to fall off or get broken during play. This means that you can avoid the potential hazard of broken glass and frames both on the sports pitch, as well as in your eyes. For additional safety when combining sports and contact lenses, protective gear like goggles can be utilised. It's also important to remember that for those involved in sports, contacts can provide enhanced vision correction compared to spectacles. They offer improved depth perception and a wider field of vision, and since they do not fog up or get smudged, contacts are ideal for sports played in muddy or cold conditions.

How to be safe in sports while wearing contact lenses

If you're worried about safety issues when participating in sports with corrective lenses, be sure to discuss your concerns with a qualified eye care specialist.

If you are a swimmer or a surfer, you shouldn't wear contacts in the water, unless you're wearing tight-fitting goggles. This is because you could easily lose your contacts if you open your eyes under water. It is also possible to trap microorganisms or irritants between the lens and your eye, which could lead to infections or other complications.

For those who enjoy sailing, kayaking or trying out other similar - generally dry - water sports, contacts are fine to wear. However, if you do accidentally end up in the water, be sure to clean your lenses thoroughly afterwards.

And for any outdoor activity, you may want to consider lenses that provide UV protection, for example Crystal 1 Day lens which provides both UVA and UVB protection. Water and snow can reflect sunlight into your eyes so for pastimes in those environments, these are an especially good option. But for other sports, lenses with UV protection are also a smart idea - from football and rugby to golf and tennis. 

Get contacts suitable for sports

If you'd like to find out more about sports and contact lenses, your eye care practitioner is probably the best source of information. They can discuss your situation with you thoroughly and help you find the best solution for your lifestyle and vision requirements.

Alternatively, if you'd like to start shopping for contact lenses for sports, look no further than Contactlenses.co.uk. Our product range includes items from many of the top eye care brands and everything can be purchased from the comfort of home, giving you more time to get out and enjoy life!

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