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Contacts in the two-week disposable category are quite popular in the contact lens industry thanks to their “Goldilocks” factor. These lenses have a shelf life that’s neither too long or too short, making them ideal for people who don’t want the higher price tag of dailies.

As the name implies, two-week lenses are only supposed to be used for two weeks before they are thrown away. Until they reach their expiration date, wearers have to place their two-week contacts each night in a lens container with high-quality disinfectant solution and wash their contacts daily with solution

Two-week lenses tend to be more eco-friendly contrasted with dailies - only 4 lenses disposed of every month, as opposed to 60 lenses with daily lenses. 

Typically, doctors recommend two weekly disposable lenses because they are effective at minimising the buildup of deposits, so you will feel less irritation, compared to monthly lenses. Normally, with good cleaning, a two weekly lens will be right at the point that there is some build up of deposits on the lens, but not enough to cause a problem with irritation or cloudiness.   

Many people find that two-week lenses simply work better for your lifestyle and budget. If you do choose to use these lenses, then ensure you know how to practice proper hygiene to maintain comfort, vision and of course lens cleanliness.

A few great practices every two-week contact lens wearer should master include:

• Washing and drying hands thoroughly before wearing lenses
• Taking off lenses before bedtime
• Only washing lenses with doctor-approved solution
• Placing contacts in a case with disinfectant solution every night
• Taking off lenses before showering or swimming
• Never using tap water to wash lenses
• Avoiding eye rubbing 

By following all of these tips, you’ll significantly reduce the risk of dealing with any major issues while using your two-week contacts

We offer some of the hottest brand names in the two-week category, including Acuvue Oasys and Avaira Vitality. Customers will also find special two-week lenses on our website that could help with astigmatism - for example Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism.
Be sure to talk with your optometrist to determine whether two-week contacts are the right choice for your eyes. Also, take a closer look at the other popular contact lenses offered on our website to get a better sense of how different lenses might benefit your lifestyle.